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MergingArts Conversations

Mar 4, 2018

Betsayda's voice can be heard in the secret villages just a short bus ride from Caracas, tucked deep in foliage. On the right day, and her and her band beat with the pulse and poetry of a band strolling from house to house referenced as parranda, a sound that finds earthy, moving expression in the voice.   

She is joined in this interview on her work by Luis Acosta, her tour manager and translator.  Her recent release is available called Loe Loa: Rural Recordings Under the Mango Tree, transforming the field recordings that captured her energy under the spreading mango tree that gave the album its name.

Betsayda was selected to perform in globalFest, North America’s most important world music industry event.  Betsayda after this event went on tour including a performance on RISD Auditorium in Providence, RI as part of the FirstWorks Frontier Series.