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MergingArts Conversations

Dec 18, 2008

Michael Staton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inigral, Inc, a company that builds social web applications for education.  Their product Schools on Facebook has generated much excitement in the press. 

Before starting Inigral, he was an Educational Interaction and Curriculum Designer for a San Francisco start-up and taught in the Houston ISD.  He has an MA in International Development from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

In our conversation, Michael discusses Learning Management Systems (LMS) and their placement and standards in university market.  Learning how these compare and the heavy process of standard applications in education, has helped Michael shape his product Schools on Facebook to be more social than academic.

He further discusses this offering and its integration with campus social groups, alumni, and what companies need to do to engage campus communities.  He expands on what his product has become and existing social networking communities’ benefits and disadvantages (Facebook, Ning, Windows Live Spaces).

You can learn more about Michael Staton and Inigral's work at